Why Go Social for Branding???

why go social for branding

Why Go Social for Branding???

Due to spike in up-gradation of technology each and every person linked to the global platform. This can happen only because of social media. But what’s SOCIAL MEDIA?? The online communication channels dedicated to community based input, interaction, content sharing are nothing but the social media. The most popular types of social media are Social Networking, Media Sharing, Micro blogging and the Blogs. In general we identify them as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. These social media platforms act as a link between a person and a world at large. One can easily connect with his old friends, school mates, relatives, colleagues, clients, etc. and explore the vast world or new cultures of Humanity and Business at ease with social media.

In today’s era ones’ image is all as it represents you to the society. So creating a unique identity in customer’s mind is Branding. Effective branding can result in higher sales of not only of one product, but of other products associated with that brand. For ex. Apple; Apple is one of biggest brand in Mobile phone industry. Customers are waiting to buy his new mobile phone iPhone7 after his last hit of iPhone6.Companies use social media to increase their product reach, customer loyalty, brand awareness, etc.

But companies prefer Social Platform over Traditional. Why?? The reason is simple the extensive reach of social media. Facebook has over 1218 million active users. Twitter has over 302 million active users. LinkedIn has over 450 million active users. 58% of Facebook users liked a brand. 42% have mentioned a brand in a status update on Facebook. 41% have shared a link, video or story about brand on Facebook while 29% of Twitter users follow a brand and 39% have twitted about brand.

Company can easily track brand loyalty by checking how many followers company has on his page and how many likes, shares and comments on the post company had on the post company published. There are few ways by which company can increase his brand awareness on social media:

A) Paid Ads : Paid search ads on Google and Facebook are able to boost consumer awareness even though it might possible that ad clicking will be low. The benefit of using search ads is that you have complete control over your budget and your ad messages. Furthermore, you can immediately track the responses of your ads with analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insight.

B) User Engagement : The more users follow the brand more they will get aware about the products of company. User engagement can be improved by use of various contests on social media platforms as well as use of infograhics , trendy images (Eye catchers), etc.

C) Social Networking : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. sites help businesses to get in touch with its consumers. Companies can directly interact with customers and able to increase their followers.

D) Videos/ Image Sharing : Companies shares videos/ images of their respective products in order to increase the followers. Principle of companies is "More the followers more the popular the product".

So to capture the market one company first should capture the attention of customers which is only possible due to extensive reach of social media that’s why companies are going social for branding.

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